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Holiday Palace

The Holiday Palace Resort & Casino in Sihanoukville and Camboida which is perfect to host different functions and a perfect gateway for the ultimate relaxing holiday. Perched on the sandy Independence Beach in Cambodia’s southwest, the Resort & Casino offers a timeless haven in the heart of a luxurious beach. Located conveniently in Sihanoukville and the border of thailand the Holiday Palace provides guests with easy access to everything that the both cities

has to offer. All the city’s attractions and landmarks can be accessed easily from the Holiday Palace. The pristine coastline certainly gives guests much more than they had bargained for.

The hospitable service offered by some of the best personnel in the industry leaves the guests fully satisfied. Return guests to the Holiday Palace have made the Resort and Casino their second home. The serenity and tranquility at the Holiday Palace is second to none in this area of Cambodia. A full casino with slots, blackjack, roulette, Asian Poker, baccarat and Pacific Poker is available for gamers. The facility is open 24/7 for all and sundry. A convenience store is also available on site for shoppers. No effort has been spared to make the life of travelers more comfortable.

On the other end of the Resort is an international restaurant and bar that also features live music over the weekends. Modern amenities are the hallmark of the Holiday Palace in Cambodia. The more adventurous guests can spend time in the sea sailing and participating in a variety of water sports. These are made available to guests upon request.

The Holiday Palace’s new wing features a luxurious spa, swimming pool, and a beachside lounge. This is matched with a befitting level of privacy. The luxury spa gives guests a mix of local and world respected beauty products to provide them with refreshing whole body scrubs, soothing and relaxing massages and rejuvenating facials.

The Holiday Palace Resort & Casino offers 140 rooms and suites for accommodation. This wide range of accommodation options caters for people with divergent needs. All the rooms and suites offer spectacular views of the sea. All around the property guests enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi. To boot the suites and rooms have cable TV to entertain the guests, and air conditioning to keep them cool. This is a dream like place where travelers are only treated to the best. At its price and great customer service the traveler is the ultimate winner at the Holiday Palace.